Lessons learned

My father always says that
“Learning is an ongoing process”. Daily I try learning from my ambience. Even the nature and abiotic things teach us.
One such pick I came across which I feel that should be made stronger ,clearer and transparent is as follows:
If you are right,
Be COURAGEOUS to make it a point!
The world is so tricky that it works so hard to prove others wrong,even when they are right.
Right is right only when it is rightly manifested, rightly handled and rightly presented.
Right is wrong when others try to make you wrong.
Right is apparently wrong when it is presented weak even after knowing that it’s right! 😉
It sounds horrible,right? 😀
Don’t be tired of it. I have something to tell you.
It is just a confession between right and wrong. When people randomly intertwines in all your positivity, it’s our bound duty to standstill and make our point right.
When you realize and understand you are wrong, make a silent move. 🙂
Sometimes, it is better to argue than to sit silently.
Listen to nature , get your answer.




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