Mob or Mobile?



More you surround by people
Less you use the cell phones.
I read a famous saying ” the one who keeps you forget about the world of cell phones is the one who makes your life.”
That is true.  In this techie world, staying in touch with other side of it has become so easy that made the persons nearby away(far). It sounds oxymoron,right?
Grabbing folks purposely to have a lively chat seems to be an herculean task nowadays. It was once because of working parents who left their offspring alone. Now it is all because of technologies that not only makes children aloof but also community as a whole.
What if attention is paid while having mob around us who even makes us to forget the techs that rules us? So that is what my writing is going to be all about where I have planned to bring a drastic comparison of days of past with the current one.
There was a time when people would be going to their relatives or neighborhood houses just to have a quality time with them. Having small groups of friends, talking all about their life and daily proceedings,lunch or dinner they had with their family, leisure morning seemed to them as a big custom. It brought them such a pleasure. They lived a very decent contended life.  They saw  refreshment at all of their struggles. There were group of folks to raise to every occasions. If you ask something on cell phones to them, they all would have their own stories of difficulties to make a single call.
It was a day where people used to stare at each other as a sign of biding a greeting during a long walk. It is all now with cell phones. Our country is once known for its tradition of seeing ground while walking. Today’s folks extend our country’s pride by following the same custom but differently. That’s with cell phones. 😛
The today’s situation brings an aversion on people and creates a comfortability of conversation only via digitally. See how much the neighbor will be affected if not put our ears to them.
Starting and ending the day with prayers were those days. Texting  Gud mrng and gud ni8 unintentionally are nowadays trend.
So what makes the world go after it?
It is
Fortunately or unfortunately everyone is left to themselves at a point of time. There, mobile seems a good substitute for boredom and loneliness. It makes us feel better and comforts us.
What I could understand is,
Though the world exposes themselves as strong ,fierce and mass, they are all left alone. Even the closest one leaves us someday. Think, if you were surrounded by your loved ones, will you use mobiles?
Obviously NOT.
SO WE ARE ALL LONELY DEEP INSIDE. The reason for using mobiles may be simple i.e)loneliness. On the due course of time,It turn out to be an habit even when you are surrounded by your loved ones.
It means that you are not interested in other’s talk. It drives you to the world of hell at times where there would be no people even the one you spent the whole life chatting with, to stand for you.
What’s the thing is understand there is also a life outside the world.
Give equal space to each of the minds.


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