Old photographs- a tale of happy family

Life is like a photograph …
There are some people who enjoy looking at themselves..
Some shed few tears..
Some get sentimental..
Some others feel missing..
There are few others too who discover things that else got vanished..;-) (that’s me :-D)
Some give a long stare
Some even criticize their taste and dressing sense which was once their favorite…

On the whole, the people search for themselves even when the photo gives million chances of seeing new faces. It is the eyes that lock obsession for themselves. Let me share one such incident that embarked all because of accidentally seeing the nostalgic photographs and e-sharing it with my family group on whats app..  So here it is!
The day had a casual start. I was dusting the woods and the showcase. Doing so I discovered some plastic covers popping out. With an expected curiosity, I smelt the flavor of old legacy photographs.  Sharp curves, widened sparkling eyes at the fringe , alert posture I was all set to open the album.  It was such a sweet memory to be recorded in the form of snaps. All credits to my dad. Thank god he is a contemporary photo addict though he belongs to 90’s before group. He had recorded all the old faces which is epic even now.  What kind of feel do you get on seeing yourself as young and energetic at the photographs?
Isn’t it fabulous, when you find yourself as a child wearing a cute short T-shirt and trousers or sweet classical dresses, flowers dashing your forehead and boy cut hairdo and you realize that you follow the same hairstyle till now as a sign of modernity (:-P) .  Went even more curious on turning the next page. How much beautiful to participate in a fancy dress competition? I saw myself wearing a silk saree of my mother’s, standing on stage at the age of 5, floating all the way, holding a tumbler in  one hand and biting nails of the other.:-D . I was rewinding all the dramas happened that day till the neck of the moment on stage. My parents had trained me just a sentence thousands times to deliver on stage. Practised with great vigor. They strained all throughout the day in making up me. They had put some plaits to the short hair. It should have been difficult. Finally, they lifted me up the stage. For the first time I was left all alone from my parents 😉 . I was seeing them and the spectators concurrently. 😛 .  With complete silence ,biting nails, having a threatened look, I stood panicked till the  constraint. And the climax is “I received prize without even uttering a single word”.:-D. It was such a feel to recall how my parents gave me a faint look and an eyebrow lift. ;-). Had a long breath .Delighted even more and turned the next page which depicted the incident happened after receiving the prize :-P.  I could realize how much my father was interested in making a photo of me,even when I was dying to  sleep.:-D. I was tired of all the efforts for being fancy. But my dad was standing on his feet to make a photo. Hence, he seated me in his bike so that I won’t move and took a snap of this half sleepy kid.




Followed by this, I found all my family members too who never knew that I have all those photos with me. Yeah! You are right!! I left the dusting work and started recapturing all those photos from album and shared with my family group. Never expected that they would all get back to the memories of those days. Everyone went so emotional on seeing each and every faces of our generation right from big grandma and grandpa to the most youngest child of our family. All the members of the group retaliated by sending whatever photos they had with them. The group was active like never before. Had an opportunity to see all the hard seen photos. It created more attachment to one another in the family. At one point of time, everyone got addicted to sending photos. As a result, all gone nuts and started sharing whatever they feel like sending.  Just have a look at it.




Still now, the hunt for old photos goes on. I did this one thing good in life and made everyone to see their other side. :-). Happy for it.
Life not always gives you a chance to look at your past and make you feel happy. Sometimes, it goes bitter too. Hence, life must be a self cherishing one.
becoming a medicine to refresh ourselves in this busy world.  Just try sending old photos to anyone you feel like sending, surely it takes you to the another world. 


– Happy family.


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