Mother’s theory on cockroach

You may heard cockroach theory by the Google CEO Sundar pitchai. But, here I’m going to tell you the mother’s theory on cockroach.:-D
India is a country where there is no scarce for sentiments. You can witness with anyone in the family that starts with your father who fetches you the last hand of his food as the symbol of long living , who asks you not to use the sound “vae” (tamil) as it stands for negativity and many things can be listed out here. But when we know that  nothing can match the Mother India then why need to increase the lists??. 😀 . Let me narrate what happened a few days before. Surely, it gives you a new thinking. 
” New day, new hope. Dawn gave way to the sunshine that hit harder on the dusky start. It evoked a spark and energy needed for running the entire day. Very calm. Mild breezy wind. Birds were churning.  Sunlight striking hard inside the house bringing a warmth in the midst of severe winter, patting the eyes harshly.  It was a fresh start of the day. There began the busiest day. All were indulging with there destined works. Like mom went with preparing tea, dad on net and I was with watering plants. To exploit the calm that was prevailing a minute before,  came the sound of mom at a high pitch. 😀
When I was stepping down with agony, I could see a hand full of broomstick, face full of aggression, floor full of pieces of broomstick. I was worried. The set up looked as if a thief  entered the house. Be careful with Indian ladies. They have powerful tool called broomstick. I was wondering who was that lucky person to receive a beat out of broomstick. But, to end my suspense, I soon came to know it was none other than a cockroach. I lost hope. I was feeling tired on holding too much of imaginations on my head. ;’-)
But I was sure that it gonna be made into pieces:-P. Because it got trapped into Indian woman’s hand. :-P. It played hide and seek with my mom. You know, it is a good exercise. :-P. At last, my mom was about to define its destiny.
But, she ended in a most adorable and cute saying. I couldn’t believe my eyes. She left it free for a reason. I was so melted. I was recalling the ace of India. The flavor of sentiment and soft heart adds a twist to the life. I was not able to comprehend the irony. Do you wanna know what she said?
She realized it was in the half way to let its baby out. She was even awkward to see it. She hated it to the core. But amongst all the hatred, she left it free. There she made my day. Anyhow when it has a chance of growing, it is obviously gonna be killed. But, why she thought like that! That’s Indian mother.
Born for sentiments. But my mother is something different huh!


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