The child in you

It is not a problem with the so called “Childish people”. Being childish just garnishes the innocency. It stands out as the symbol of purity. I’m not over emphasizing it and should not mean that being at absolute stupidity refers childishness. I never go with that one. It must be called as over reacting. There are group of people that misunderstands childishness with over reaction. Indeed,I define it as that which links divinity ,unadulterated and fresh ideas and forms a network of simplest result(character or behaviour)is the childishness. Remember, child has the power to witness god and interact with him only because of its rich thought.
What I’m telling is give respect to others thought too. It’s not like you can let loose for only being childish. Thoughts aren’t reproduced quickly. Mind it! It is the reflection of deep thinking. Hence, someway or other it ought to be right. One’s own way of being childish should not get its transformation for others at any cost. You are supposed to be like that because it defines you. That’s our identity.
Again, I stress it out,Behaving like a too much matured  than ought to be at a particular age, is not a problem with the so called “Childish people”. Probably with the matured ones.? !What do you say?

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