Thought of the day


If you find yourself desperate at any point of time, just give a thought for a second.To compete one another is like a bunch of utensils in a tub.
You may be residing out of sight.

You may be hindered by big ones.
You may be scourged from your possession.
You may be neglected at times
But if you really wanna show up,you just push away and prove who you are. Never be feeling for the position you are at. AIM IT!ACHIEVE IT!! Time may play with you. Be an opponent of TIME. When there occurs a need to search you, there should also occur a point to slash the bigger ones.
Never give up! Be challenging!! When time gives you new ventures,never regret. Make use of it.  Make all possible moves. Rest is in God’s hand.
WHY CAN’T YOU?! Rise up folks,RISE UP!! World needs you.



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