God Speaks to you

Life may takes us to the hardest paths. Sometimes we accomplish it. Sometimes,we remain desperate. At that time,we believe in super powers to its peak. We expect some miracle to happen.
;-)..expectation kills. After all, we are human beings. Huh! So let’s think within our limits.
Back again,at the unreactive situations, atleast we expect nature to speak with us. What if it really answers you and reaps a great result for your problem? Will you term it as nature or god’ words and will? That’s upto you.
One such GOD’S WILL I understood today:
The situation is the conflict between mind and soul. Mind says To learn, Exaggeration is predominant. Soul  reflexes If that is to be the case,Why do you need to learn?!! Both seems to be right. But,what to do! Life most of the time gives do or die situations. Hence,I left it to the powerful word “time” and started to do my daily proceedings.
I stepped on the run off water while doing my course. I followed it to find its source. (Perhaps, EVS exam’s impact .Bear with me :-D)There it was! Refrigerator in off state.
I scolded myself for wasting my time to search its start. Anyhow, didn’t mop it. Pure cholesterol. 😀 Again,I continued with rest of my course. Then some nerve at the back of my brain (ECE blood :-D) started to feel philosophical. Flashing words were:
You have two solutions. Either to wipe off or to step on. Wiping off will surely take hard times. Nevertheless, problem can be eradicated completely. Stepping on is pure nerve. It may favor you today. But not always. Else,it may never affect you. But, your ambience.
I successfully crossed the water flow for the first time followed by series. But,at the last, I stepped on unknowingly tending to fall.  It’s volatile.
There comes the answer.
Sometimes, nature’s answer works well! Because God is with you at your hard times.
Do it now and then. They say words of heart is wiser than mind. But, they failed to understand that both of it is actually YOU.
Whatever you feel at that time,which ever answers you first, go with it. Because, the first one is your actual thinking. Rest is to compensate and compromise you. Over thinking makes you go with second option. 🙂


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