A big “WHY”?

Why the world takes me to the hardest path,
Why I say ‘YES’ when I really want to say NO,
Why I act when I don’t really wish to,
Why I apologize when I ain’t wrong,
Why the world appreciates fake even after knowing it,
Why do I need to respect one, above god,
Why do I search for ‘selected words’ to praise you,
Why there arise a fear than respect,
Why money dominates humanity,
Why the Earth is filled with polluted minds ?????????

It is to make you realize how pure and wise you are!
Water adjusts to all given spaces.But,remember, it gushes as unstoppable tidal waves when it really feels like vanishing. Rising to an occasion,is never a big deal.Being YOU even at the worst nightmares is REALLY YOU!

Really I’M:-)


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