Time has many senses. It may be a clock time,your fate or karma,anything…!Let’s take it obvious! Everything in this world has two sides as coin. Even time too.


I’m the one who is addicted to Watch and Time. For no reason,sometimes i check THE TIME. That’s why it triggered me writing this. Let’s 1st visualize the world without time!That would be really awesome man. Because the world craves only for the last few seconds!Ask people around you what would you accomplish when you were given a chance of a second in your hand by some external force(like God,a fairy..) ??Many would have many stories that would range from saving one’s life,finishing the exam with the last one word for centum,scoring a run to win the match ,to  escape from a fast running bike, etc…I started realizing the value of time a lot after I decided to take leave for college even after getting ready,only to sit for a minute and to sense peace.
My morning life can be summed up as getting early and waiting for the neck of the moment to get ready,eating  without minding the status of the food whether it is boiled or not like the one who never seen the food for years  ,chasing the destination point as if a dog chases me back or a gigantic tides of waves like Tsunami gushing behind me(ah!),when these many efforts reaps a good result,then it’s my day!If not,I would end up  thinking that God has stopped me from bad signs and would wait for my LAST bus to go!! ;-)1 second really matters..understand.
Besides all,it makes my best moments in my diary. Making moments is the ultimate for anybody. That too for unplanned memories ,even makes you think that it’s named right.
Bill Gates quoted that one who studies at the last minute knows to manage time well than an M.B.A student“.
I may not be sure with that from my experience. But I can tell you that it gives the power to face anything!Because It makes us to think that we have seen more than that! At the same time,it makes one so casual in all aspects.
That’s answered by The KARMA one does.



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